We are always aiming to do better and are dedicated to do what we can to take care of the earth. Read all about the sustainable projects and choices we have made so far below. We are aiming to do better, and we encourage you to do the same. Thank you for shopping conscious!

Handmade production

We've been handcrafting our clogs since 1846 with the intent of producing slow fashion together with the social responsibility of fair working conditions. With generational knowledge and only using natural materials, each pair is unique.

Natural Materials

We only use natural materials when handcrafting our clogs. Each material we use has been carefully selected and wear tested to achieve the high quality that we at Sandgrens want to achieve.

Sandgrens Too

Sometimes some of our clogs have minor imperfections. In order to minimize the waste in production, we gather all these clogs and sell them at a discounted price. This collection is called Sandgrens Too.

Matching Heelpads

In efforts to reduce the amount of scrap leather from production, we are now producing clogs with matching heel pads. We use pieces from scrap to cut out the heel pad to match the clogs.

Timeless design

Whether you've bought your clogs today or years ago, our designs are timeless and will be your companion for years.

Waste isn't waste until we waste it.

Our Black Base Collection was born from the idea of using wood bases that don't qualify for light or dark base because of marks from the tree. We are able to reduce our waste by turning them into black bases for our Black Base Collection.

Patch Clogs

We are constantly developing ways to reduce waste when handcrafting our clogs. We are pleased to announce that we are currently working on a new project using scrap leather to make new clogs in different colors. This allows us to use leftover leather and craft unique pairs while minimizing waste. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when we release our new Patch Clogs Collection