The Sandgrens story

In the heart of craftsmanship and tradition, Sandgrens was born with a vision to create timeless handmade footwear that transcends generations. Inspired by the enduring legacy of handcrafted goods, we embarked on a journey rooted in authenticity and quality.​

SINCE 1846

Our story begins in 1846, where the art of crafting wooden clogs became our heritage in Sweden. Passed down through generations, the essence of our brand evolved, embracing new horizons and techniques. In 2023, we expanded our repertoire to include the natural elegance of the cork base, marrying tradition with contemporary style. 

be a part of the journey

Stay tuned as we continue to weave our heritage into an ever-expanding tapestry, venturing into new realms, ensuring that our legacy thrives in every thread of craftsmanship.

Owl-Inspired, Timelessly Desired

In the heart of our brand lies the symbol of the owl, a creature renowned for its wisdom and elegance. At Sandgrens, we invite you to not just wear our products but to embody the spirit of the owl – be an owl in a world that demands both style and substance.

Join us on this journey

Like the wise owl in our logo, we encourage you to embrace wisdom in your choices. Join us on this journey where fashion coexists with sustainability. Be an owl — make decisions that benefit our planet and its people, both environmentally and socially.

Blond women sitting down with a pair of Sandgrens Tokyo in Gold Metallic

The sandgrens way

At Sandgrens, being an owl means more than just wearing stylish footwear; it means stepping forward with confident in our high quality and timeless designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with slow fashion and comfort.​


Wisdom, elegance, and impact — that's the Sandgrens way.​