Your color is special and ever-changing

Your color is special and ever-changing

Dear clog lover,
 have you been eyeing our Nude Vegetable Tanned leather clogs or perhaps you already have a pair at home?
Then this is the blog post for you. 

Today when I wore my Brett closed back clogs in Nude I thought about how they
looked when I first got them and I wanted to share the story of how they changed with you.
I also thought it would be fun to add my colleagues Saragasso's, our low heeled clog sandals
in here too for you to see. Take a look at the photos I captured of them. 

This is how our clogs has changed with time and wear so far. 

5 reasons why I love our Nude vegetable tanned leather:

1. The tanning process of the Nude leather clogs is completely free from chemicals.
This color has been tanned using vegetable oils, tree bark, and other tannins
derived from plants.
2. The Nude Vegetable Tanned leather starts off as a beautiful light nude color.
Over time, by exposing the leather to the sun, body oils, and other natural elements,
the leather will oxidize and develop a beautiful golden brown leather patina.

3. For the Nude color to be able to develop this patina, it has not been treated
with a protective coat. Therefore, it is more susceptible to stains from water, dirt,
etc. so be careful!

4. Similar to our own skin when exposed to the sun, you may notice certain parts
of the leather become darker sooner than others. Do not worry - the rest of the
leather will get there soon.

5. Because of this special and ever-changing color my Nude leather clogs will always be unique and carry my personal story. 

Are you ready to create your own story with our Nude leather clogs?
Embrace the journey!

With Love, Hanadi from the Sandgrens Team. 
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