Winter is Coming: How to Wear Clogs in the Winter Months

Winter is Coming: How to Wear Clogs in the Winter Months

Clogs have celebrated a triumphant comeback around the world in recent years because they’re easily adapted to suit most fashion sensibilities. Now that the summer shoe staples are being replaced with winter necessities, designers and trendsetters are proving there is a clog for all seasons.

The advantages to wearing clogs in the winter are substantial. The tread on a clog’s wooden sole can help prevent slips during inclement weather, with each pair crafted from plush materials to help your feet stay warm. The durable construction can withstand winter conditions, while the meticulous tailoring appeals to the well-dressed woman.

This also lends credit to the versatility of the clog. Sandgrens, your source for all things clog, carries collections of clog boots, as well as closed toe and closed heel styles ideal for the colder months. Many winter clogs, like our Naples or Zurich styles are ideal to wear with different types of hosiery to increase warmth and comfort while adding interest to your outfit.

As the daily forecast becomes more of a factor in our clothing selections, we’ve put together a quick tip on how to wear clogs in winter while wearing a skirt:

When pairing clogs with a skirt, add thick tights or patterned socks. Socks or tights with a texture will also prevent your foot from sliding around inside your clogs, and if you select a pair of tights in a similar color scheme as your clogs your legs will appear longer and you’ll achieve the allusion of added height.

While the seasonal transitions inspire us to reach for something new, we continue to rely on the perfect precision of a pair of clog boots. Styles like the Savannah or the Chukka Cap Toe offer the finishing touch to skinny jeans tucked under thick, warm socks. Long skirts also blend seamlessly with clog boots in winter, especially when worn with a pair of boot socks to add a comfortable layer.

As winter approaches, so too comes the change in your daily footwear go-tos. How will you be inspired to wear your clogs?


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