What is Midsummer?

What is Midsummer?

Swedish culture is fairly attuned and respectful of the rhythm of nature. It’s celebrated in their designs, and even their traditional holidays.

Most typical, recognizable and reveled, is Midsummer.

Following the long winter with its little daylight, Midsummer welcomes the summer sun and warmth as the name suggests. It falls on the longest, lightest day of the year. The day prior, it seems the entire country is abuzz with an eagerness to accomplish their tasks as quickly as possible and leave town. Cities and urban centers are eerily deserted in favor of the countryside.

The focal point of Midsummer gatherings is the Maypole. The festivities begin with the collection of flowers that are woven into wreaths which are then placed on the Maypole. Girls may wear them atop their heads. Traditional ring-dances ensue, and celebrations continue long into the evening.

The Sandgrens Midsummer Sale

Ideal for dancing around the Maypole is of course, a pair of Swedish clogs. The elegance of our clog sandals like the Madrid,  Morocco or the Saragasso, allow celebrants to observe the solstice in style and comfort. They are at ease seated before a customary spread of herring, boiled new potatoes and strawberries, before toasting with a glass of Schnapps.

The construction of each pair using only natural materials pays homage to the culture and essence of Midsummer. The authentic wooden clog bases and leather is respectfully selected to the highest of Swedish standards.

The Start of Summer

The Midsummer holiday is a festive beginning to one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. It presents an enticing reason to venture outdoors and out of the city for a slower itinerary among friends and family. And no matter where you may reside, within Sweden or beyond, there is a pair of traditional clogs ready to be worn. Learn more about the clog styles suggested for Midsummer by clicking here.

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