We make your clogs - Sadete

We make your clogs - Sadete

Working in the Sandgrens factory carries the importance of being knowledgeable in a little bit of everything. Sadete, notoriously positive and outgoing with a perpetual smile, is a valued member of the team. 

She started working at the factory four years ago, and alongside Lena, Sadete is brushing and packing the clogs so they leave the factory in their ideal condition. She also sews the clogs’ leather pieces and picks out the wooden bases. 

handmade clogs sandgrens 

“I love when I get to see our clogs worn by friends, family and our customers,” she said. “I always think, I made those clogs with my team! It makes me really proud.” 
She especially enjoys seeing their clogs posted and shared to social media. “It’s like our clogs come to life,” Sadete added. “Keep on sharing!” 
Though she likes all of the styles, she shares that her favorite is the Morocco clog sandal, due to its beautiful design and comfort. The Manhattan Low is also a favorite, she adds, “because you can see it’s a real handicraft with all the details.” 

handmade clogs

Her eye for detail is noted when she elaborates she’s drawn to a particular leather – the Nubuck in its Sand color. As she brushes and packs beside Lena, she observes the clogs coming out of the dryer on the assembly line. Given her expertise in numerous tasks at the factory, it’s the variety in the work she enjoys the most. 

“There’s both a beauty and a challenge in working with the natural materials, because they react differently every time,” she said. 
But I really like packing the clogs because I get to see the result of our handmade production.”  

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