We make your clogs - Lena Carlsson

We make your clogs - Lena Carlsson

Lena is married to our clog master, Christer, and she has been involved with the clog business for years.  She used to work at a bank but for 8 years now, she’s been working at the factory. She is clear she’s there not because she has to, but because she wants to. I love working with our clogs and I enjoy being in the factory a few hours every day,” she says. Working with clogs is fantastic. 
Together with Sadete, Lena is brushing every single clog before carefully packing them. This ensures they will look pristine when they arrive at your doorstep 

handmade clogs production

Clogs are traditional Swedish footwear and it makes me really happy that the clog trend is still alive,” she said. “Wooden clogs are something that always have been there.”  Lena reminisces about an old man she knew when she was a child, and he was wearing wooden clogs. “You could hear him from far away when he was walking in his clogs,” she said with a laugh. “He wore a size too big and I always wondered whyI asked him once and he told me, Lena, I get more wood for the price.  

For Lena, the best part about making the clogs is working with the natural materials. “You can easily tell the difference between a quality leather and a cheaper kind,” she said. “Same goes for the wooden bases – I like that Sandgrens uses high-quality materials because it makes me proud that we can offer our customers high-quality clogs.” 

She says the quality can be seen and felt right away. 

“I’d never put my feet in a plastic shoe after I’ve been wearing wooden clogs.”  

As Lena meticulously brushes each pair of finished clogs, each must pass her keen eye in its final check. The plum color is one of her favorites, and she takes extra care in brushing the leather. “It’s worth it because the color is just amazing,” she said. 

Her favorite style is the classic Tokyo, as she’s drawn to it’s beautiful simplicity. “You can’t find a more comfortable wooden clog.” 

Finally, the clogs she’s preparing are wrapped, boxed and sealed for shipment. The task is steady, perhaps a testament to the fact that, “clogs are good for your feet,” Lena said. “The wood helps the feet breathe, and the bases are ergonomic – they’re good for your body.” 


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