We make your clogs - Lena

We make your clogs - Lena

Meet Lena, who cuts all the leather for every single pair of clogs. Lena has been working at the Factory for 8 years and she has become a real expert in leather and cutting. She knows exactly how to cut the most efficient and how to cut for using as much as possible from every hide of leather. Sustainability always-in mind and she doesn’t like to scrap leather.

What do you need to think about when cutting the leather?
It’s important to make sure that you cut from the same cowhide for the same pair of clogs, so they’ll look the same. For example while cutting a pair of Tokyo in the nude vegetable leather it is important to cut two pieces from the same hide so the color will look the same. Nude leather could vary a lot from the same cowhide.

Favorite pair
Lena’s favorite pair is Berkeley boots and Morocco clog sandals because she thinks they are beautiful styles. Event though it gives her a lot of extra work for making a pair of boots. In total 12 pieces for a pair of boots. Compared to Tokyo that only needs 4 pieces of leather.

Favorite color
She loves to cut the Plum leather because of the beautiful color and the nice nubuck texture.  It is an amazing feeling to work with a hide of plum.

Why wear clogs Lena?
Lena loves clogs and wears a pair almost everyday while working. Because they are comfortable and they are made of natural material.

Lena says: “I really like the clog trend is back.”

Her record and the easiest style?
The most pairs she has been making on a day was 250-300 pairs.

Tokyo, Dublin and Maya are the easiest style to make specially if they are in the same color. She also just needs 2 knives for these styles.

Lena really likes to work with her hands and she think it is fantastic to see how the clogs comes to life. In her spare time does she like to scrapbooking and make jewelries. She is passionate with handcrafted products, which makes her to a great Sandgrens team member.

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