Update Your Look with Edgy Strappy and Studded Clogs

Update Your Look with Edgy Strappy and Studded Clogs

This time of year, we have tunnel vision and can only focus on one thing: spring! While it’s not quite time to step out into strappy clogs and sunshine, we couldn’t help but flip forward in our calendars to peek at the coming months ahead. As we trudge through fresh snowfalls, we feel ready to trade in the winter layers for brighter colors, sleek silhouettes and the warmer temperatures as the seasons begin anew.

The transition from winter to spring calls for an update to your look and your wardrobe, with your footwear being the ideal starting point. Two of the trends emerging at the top include strappy or stud accents in the design to enhance the shoes’ overall appearance.

How to Style Sophisticated Strappy Sandals

A handcrafted pair of Swedish clogs infuses our lighter wardrobes with a worldly appeal.

Go for a lighter and happier look with the romantic contours in Sandgrens’ extensive set of strappy clogs like Koltur, Naples, Victoria and Rio Grande.

Whether your outfit is “ladylike with an edge” and the clogs add a feminine touch to distressed jeans or “neutral chic” by letting the clogs’ design stands out against a black skirt; this collection advances the versatility of this type of footwear.

How to Style Effortlessly Edgy Studs

The stud detail showcases an edgier personality than its stapled counterparts. In fact, lightweight spring looks demand a shoe that is sporty but sophisticated, and a pair of studded clogs fit that description. Sandgrens offers a curated collection of clogs with stud details, including the Cameo Cap Toe, Athens, Lisbon, Rome and Minsk.

These clogs are the best way to try this trend. Balance the studs with classic dark skinny jeans and a simple top, or an easy shift dress.

When the winter gray finally melts into the rebirth of a colorful spring, will you be ready?



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