Three Different Stories, Same Wooden Clog

Three Different Stories, Same Wooden Clog

70’s fashion statement
Many people recall the same sentimental memories of the golden days of clogs in the 1970s. In particular, if you were born in Sweden during that time period, you will most likely remember the 70s were spent wearing black, red, beige and/or floral-patterned wooden clogs. They were a big fashion statement back then, which explains why a Swedish clog company like us would have customers writing with lovely stories to share of their clogs from their memories of past years.   

A home is not a home without wooden clogs
… And they can be found in pretty much every single Swedish household. They are used as easy slip-on shoe for when you are quickly running out with the garbage or going around the corner to buy some groceries. Wooden clogs are not just a meant for outdoor activities, though; they’re also an indoor staple for when you’re strolling around the house. While walking around the house in regular shoes is a big no-no for Swedes, wooden clogs would be the exception. Their comfort, ease of wear and link between indoor and outdoors make a Swedish home simply not a home without them.  

A way to scare cows
A friend of mine once said that her early recollection of wooden clogs was a peculiar scenario back at their summerhouse in Smaland, Sweden. When they walked to their swim spot, they had to cross multiple cow pens and the only way to scare the cows away was to stomp on the ground with their wooden clogs. No other shoes worked as well as clogs did, proving clogs are both a fashion statement and a must-have in Swedish households.  These light-hearted stories show an even greater range of use.


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