Sandgrens Black Tokyo Swedish Wooden Clogs

The three different heel heights

Our clogs come in three different heel heights and choosing one can sometimes be a challenge. Rest assured regardless of what you choose, you’ll soon discover the diversity of your new clogs. In today’s blog we figured we should show you just how you could rock any of our heel heights.

The fit

Now you know the heel heights can be matched with pretty much anything you have hanging in your wardrobe. However, the fit of the different heels varies:

Low heel: This base has a roomier toe box area and a slight arch.  Clogs made on this base may fit wide on some customers with narrow feet.

High Heel: This heel height has slightly narrower base than the low heel clogs.

High Rise Heel: This height has also narrower than the low heel base and the high heel base.  Styles made on high-rise base will fit quite narrow.

So, our lower heels are wider than the high heels, which makes our low heel clog sandals like Saragasso perfect for people with wider feet. Our higher heels are narrower and makes a perfect example as an option for people who want that extra height but not at the expense of comfort.

We at Sandgrens always recommend checking the details of our clog styles to see if the fit will work for you. We’re big fans of all of our heights – so when it boils down to it, the question really becomes what is the best fit for you personally. We’re dedicated to help you find your perfect shoe and so if you find yourself lost in the inches, leather types and color selections – send us an email or call our customer service and we’ll help you navigate in the world of handmade Swedish clogs. You find more info here about our product details.


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