The Perfect Couple: Weddings and Clogs

The Perfect Couple: Weddings and Clogs

Got a big day coming up?
We at Sandgrens know that big events like weddings need a well-put together outfit, but never at the expense of comfort. A day, or even sometimes a whole weekend, filled with dance, laughter, photos and celebration of love – you will want to be able to be up on your feet all the time.

Wooden heels, being one of the most natural material you can use, will let you elevate (literally – how much will be dependent on the chosen heel height) but never miss out on a dance because your feet hurt too much.

It’s also needless to say you need a versatile option for times like these. For the rehearsal dinner, you might want to grab the jumpsuit, the next day you will need the spectacular wedding dress and you want a pair of shoes that goes with both of those outfits.

Planning for a wedding for many means stressful shopping for items that will, at its best, only be worn a couple of times in your life. We at Sandgrens believe that the same general rule does not have to apply when it comes to the choice of shoes. Our wooden Saragasso clogs work as wonderfully to the big weekend as the brunch with some friends a few months later. Dressing up doesn’t have to be used once and then never again.

Many of our customers order our clogs for special occasions like weddings because of these very reasons – nameless comfort and timeless design. We see it as an added bonus; that the fact that you wear a pair of our clogs for a wedding does not have to stop there. Click here to browse some of our favorite clogs for a wedding outfit.


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