The Materials That Construct Our Clogs: Vegetable-Tanned Leather

The Materials That Construct Our Clogs: Vegetable-Tanned Leather

The Sandgrens aesthestic is defined not only by the historical significance of the Scandinavian clog, but the passed-down heritage of crafting each unique pair by hand. In fact, Sandgrens remains one of the few Swedish clog brands that continues to forge in Sweden.

It’s this familiar story, loyal to a respected tradition that only the highest quality materials are selected to construct a Sandgrens clog, that inspires a partnership with like-minded suppliers.

One of these materials we’re proud to use is vegetable-tanned leather, which is made differently than most.

What is vegetable-tanned leather?

Vegetable-tanned leather is tanned in the time-honored method of using plant extracts and tannins from tree bark. It is a process that relies on organic materials and can take four to six weeks to produce. Only 10 percent of the world’s leather is produced in this manner, but that is why Sandgrens holds it in such high regard – it mirrors our preference for artisanal processes, specialized knowledge and most importantly, it is a technique that is passed down through the generations at family-owned tanneries.

Meanwhile, the remaining 90% of the world’s leather is “chrome tanned” in a process that uses chromium salts. In fact, chrome tanning is the practice used for the fashion industry because it can be easily mass-produced. It typically takes 1 day to roll out the material, so while a demand may be fulfilled the product lacks long-lasting quality. And most important to note, chromium salts are known to be toxic, and therefore harmful, to human health and the environment.

How does it fit the Sandgrens vision?

A pair of Sandgrens clogs made from vegetable-tanned leather has a natural, buttery feel that seems to wrap the feet in velvety softness. It also ages beautifully and remarkably well, protecting each investment and ensuring the clogs will last.

These qualities complement the cornerstone of our mission – that at Sandgrens, quality is no accident. It is intentional and methodical. To make beautiful things that last, whether it’s a pair of high heeled clogs for women or sharp set of clogs for men; you need to invest in the best natural materials.

By partnering with tanneries who share a respect for inherited customs, our master clog maker can bring to life our iconic clogs.

The proof is in its touch, and best experienced when worn.


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