The Classic Clog, Reinvigorated: Rome

The Classic Clog, Reinvigorated: Rome

As the winter grays melt in the spring thaw, the landscape rejuvenates with fresh blooms.

In a sense, it’s as though nature is redesigning her horizons. The disposition is eager, rejuvenated and energized regarding the potential that comes with something new.

It’s where we found our inspiration behind the reinvigoration of the iconic clog shape with a little twist. Introducing, Rome – where the essence remains yet rebels with metallic studs and a mid-heel base. It’s unexpected, and yet, completely comfortable.

Now, to describe a Swedish clog as “edgy” is to insinuate that it pushes its own boundaries. However, this edgy style is also effortless. Much like what spring does to its own terrain, our Rome clog takes what is already celebrated and refreshes it with something new.

There are new color combinations to share as well – black, red, dexter tan and olive on a moody dark base; with sand on a light base. Whatever combination draws the eye the most, it’s sure to deliver the desired spring update to your wardrobe.

Rome has breathed new life into our collection of classic clog styles. Consider how it will refresh your outfit by browsing them here.

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