The Best Clogs for In Between the Season

The Best Clogs for In Between the Season

The gloomy days of April are increasing in length.

The sun lingers in the sky longer, presenting us with glimpses of the Spring renewal that is yet to come. With this changing light comes the opportunity to view our closets with the eyes of a newcomer, preparing us for the coming seasonal transformation.

Are you in need of a little inspiration?

Spring has a seemingly obvious focus on organic beauty. Once the winter thaw gives way, we are ready to bring the outdoors back in by incorporating such natural materials into our homes, lives and wardrobes.

We are ready to inject a little color into it, ready to put away the chilly grays and ready for a little rebirth of our own.

Reimagined Classics

The easily recognizable shape of a pair of Swedish clogs is an ideal style for the yo-yo temperatures forecasted for in between seasons. A modern take is to pair Victoria clog sandals with socks or tights, allowing you to leave the layers behind while still dressing for the elements.

Beyond Basic Black

Though it’s considered a classic, consistently reaching for black can signal a rut. Break the cycle by infusing your ensemble with a brighter, uplifting hue. Colorful extras are an easy addition to instantly revitalize an outfit, and your disposition. Pair your Dublin clog mules with your favorite colored pants.

Indulge in Luxurious Textures

During the snow and slush-filled winter months, footwear must be weather-proof. With the sun warming off the accumulation off the sidewalks, spring is the ideal time to reach for versatile yet decadent pieces. Our clogs, each constructed with such quality leathers and authentic wooden clog bases in varying heights, are ready. Sandgrens Manhattan boots with a pair of socks or tights are a perfect combination for the early spring weather.

When paired with tailored pieces, these fashion clogs allow for a season-in-transition look that will bridge the temperature variance until Spring officially arrives. See which set will inspire you by clicking over to our collections, here.

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