Swedish Clogs and Fika: An Unsurpassed Cultural Pairing

Swedish Clogs and Fika: An Unsurpassed Cultural Pairing

In the United States, we often take our coffee in a hurried rush on the go.

But in Sweden, it is a cultural heritage. Fika, loosely translated, means “to drink coffee,” and it is as common as any routine. But unlike in the United States, the Swedish welcome the moment’s pause.

The concept of Fika is simple – it describes a daily break, with plans of quiet time to catch up with our friends and family, and it is usually done over coffee.

The atmosphere is intentional because people will deliberately carve out time in their day to slow down. Screens are shut off and machines are shut down in favor of communicating with the people and the world around them.

It is a shared value, and one our constantly connected lives can take a cue from.

Imagine if, instead of chugging our coffee from a cardboard cup while stuck in a traffic jam, we choose a real mug and a seat on the patio outside. Imagine if striking up a conversation with the person sitting beside you was as easy as putting your phone down. Imagine if slipping into a new habit is as easy as slipping into a pair of classic clogs.

With Fika, not only does a warm mug of coffee pair well with equally warm sunshine and conversation, but with the charm of something familiar. That’s why these Swedish legacies, backed by a centuries-old reverence, remain omnipresent.

Thankfully, it is one the rest of the world is taking note of.

Not only is the fashion world paying attention to the lasting impact of the enduring designs of clogs for women and men, but how the Swedish take their coffee.

Slowly. And in the company of people. It is a break we can all find welcoming.



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