Sustainable Style: Embrace the Eco-Friendly Fashion Trend with Wooden Clogs and Organic Linens

Sustainable Style: Embrace the Eco-Friendly Fashion Trend with Wooden Clogs and Organic Linens

Are you tired of sacrificing style for sustainability in your fashion choices? Look no further than the eco-friendly trend of wooden
clogs and linen clothes. Not only do they make a statement, but they also have a low impact on the environment. From
casual outings to business meetings, these sustainable staples are versatile and timeless. Embrace sustainable
style with us as we explore the benefits of wooden clogs and organic linens in this blog post.

Handmade wooden clog sandals, linen clothes
Find our Black leather, low-heeled clog sandals here.

Sustainable style is all about using eco-friendly materials and processes to
create fashion items that won't damage the environment. This can include
sourcing sustainable and natural materials like leather or linen, using natural dyes,
and avoiding harmful chemicals and treatments. It's also important to consider
the whole life cycle of a garment when thinking about sustainability. That means
considering how it was made, how long it will last, how often it will be worn,
and what will happen to it when you're finished with it. Can it be recycled or
composted?  There are lots of sustainable fashion options available these days,
so there's no need to sacrifice style for sustainability. You can find eco-friendly
clogs, organic linens, and much more. And by shopping sustainably, you can
help make a difference for the planet.

Handmade clogs and linen clothes
Find Brett in Black Nubuck leather here & Athens Olive Green here. 

Handmade wooden clogs are not only stylish and trendy, but they are also eco-
friendly and sustainable. Sandgrens clogs are made from natural materials
and are a great eco-friendly alternative. Our clogs can be worn over and over
again without wearing them down. When you purchase our handmade clogs,
you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a small business and

Find Black Nubuck low-heeled clog sandals here.

 The materials are strong and durable, yet also have a soft, luxurious feel. Linen clothes and
wooden clogs are the perfect matches for any occasion. But how do you style them?

Here are 5 of our tips on how we would style them:

1. The different textures add interest to your look, we love pairing rough linen
with soft nubuck leather.

orange linen dress, handmade clogs
Orange linen set from 60 Garner Nord & Black nubuck leather clogs here.

2. Pairing the natural materials, linen, and wooden clogs with each other creates
a beautiful earthy vibe.

Handmade clogs, spring linen dress
Linen dresses from Son De Flor & Nude clog sandals here. 
Worn by the wonderful @steffimarla.

3. Keep it simple! Don't overdo it with too many layers or patterns. This white
linen dress paired with Silver clogs does the job, less is definitely more.
Silver metallic clog mules, white linen dress
Find Silver metallic clog mules here.

4. Add a pop of color, like our Red Nubuck Saragasso clog sandals together
with a white linen dress.

Handmade red clog sandals
Linen dresses from Son De Flor & Red clog sandals here.

5. Last but not least, jumpsuits and clogs. Perfect anytime, anywhere.
Handmade clogs from sweden, matched with linen jumpsuit
Find Stockholm Low, slip-in clogs here & Maya High Rise in Sand here 
& Maya In Nude here.

Sustainable style is a fashion trend that has been steadily increasing in
popularity over the years, as it provides both an opportunity to express yourself
and be kind to our planet. We hope this article has provided useful information
on what items you can incorporate into your wardrobe for sustainable styles,
from wooden clogs and organic linens to second-hand clothing. By consciously
making changes with regard to how we shop and how we dress, together we
can make a significant impact on preserving our beautiful planet!

Even if you already own a pair of Sandgrens Clogs or are getting ready for a
new pair we made a list of our favorite linen clothing brands with stunning
pieces of clothing and teams of people with loving hearts ❤︎

→  60 Garner Nord, carefully selected assortment of yarns, exclusive garments,
and fine crafts.

Pyne & Smith, timeless linen dresses crafted in California.

Son De Flor, Linen clothes and accessories online.

OFFON CLOTHING, sustainable clothing.

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