Style Inspiration: Clogs with Clothes That Shine

Style Inspiration: Clogs with Clothes That Shine

This week’s outfit inspiration takes a sparkling turn.

We believe the best way to incorporate a little interest into your outfit, your wardrobe, your life is to add a little shimmer and shine.

Whether it’s to reflect a celebration, or simply the start of the weekend, this creative spark echoes a festive spirit that is ready to ring in what awaits your joyful presence. Because such ensembles command attention, we have a few tips to help balance the fun.

Avoid an Overload by Pairing it with Black Accessories

Our New York clog boots or Brett fashion clogs in black balances the sparkle and shine with elegant simplicity. The ease-of-wear of such a classic color allows the statement pieces to take center stage.

Direct the Eye Where You Want it to Go
A pair of sparkly socks ensures your favorite pair of Sandgrens clogs is the topic of conversation. Subtle accessorizing with eye-catching jewelry or belts accents a solid tone dress or jumpsuit without overwhelming your look.

Go Sequin-Free with Pants That Shimmer
This tip parallels our suggestion that a pair of black clogs is a chic combination that won’t overburden the shine. The result is a look that is both fun and tasteful.

You’ll find this bold yet wonderfully decadent twist on such celebratory clothing dresses you through the party and through the season, seamlessly becoming the most fun you’ll have with your wardrobe.

Ready to join the excitement? Venture over to our catalog of clogs to find your perfect match to clothes that shine.

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