Spring 2023 Release - Victoria & Brett Low in Blush

Spring 2023 Release - Victoria & Brett Low in Blush

We are blushing!

We are so happy to announce that we're updating our Blush collection with our newest members: Victoria and Brett Low. 
It's hard not to be obsessed with our Blush in Nubuck leather. We know you've been waiting for some of our styles to be introduced in Blush and the day is finally here! 

Our classic clog sandal Victoria on a high heel is a dream-come-true in Blush. Whether you're pairing it with pink on pink or neutral tones, we're loving it! 

We all love a good closed-back clog and what better way to start this Spring season than adding our bestseller Brett Low to the Blush collection?
For all fans of low heel clogs, Brett Low is the way to go. Carefully crafted in our factory in Sweden, Brett Low is a great addition to your closet if you're looking for a classic closed-back clog. 

Which one of our new releases is your favorite? We surely can't choose one!
With love, Team Sandgrens ♡
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