Slip-On-And-Go: The Effortless Versatility of the Classic Clog Mule

Slip-On-And-Go: The Effortless Versatility of the Classic Clog Mule

A pair of clog mules seamlessly marries all-day comfort with eye-catching style, proving you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. What once dwelled on contradictory ends of the fashion spectrum is now perfectly complimentary, proving once and for all that opposites indeed attract.

Sandgrens’ love affair with the classic clog mule is a well-documented and long-lasting artisan tale, detailed by the inclusion of luxurious natural materials on a variance of heel heights to suit even the most skeptical of hearts.

If seeing is believing, err – in this instance, if wearing is believing; then all that is required to achieve a happy ending is to slip into a pair and go.

As spring begins its rebirth, and we welcome a retreat from winter’s heavy footwear; a pair of clog mules courts its ease of wear, versatility and comfort for even the most fashion-forward to admire.

Classic Clog Mules: Tokyo
This low-heeled variation of the Swedish clog pulls forward the iconic, easily-recognizable style that has withstood the passing trend. Our Tokyo clogs have proven loyal to those who spend their days on their feet, running about town or simply rely on the ease with which they are worn.

Modern Clog Mules: Dublin
While the test of time proves the classic is still the best, few things refresh the traditional Swedish clog than an elevated wooden clog base. Our Dublin clogs possess a work-to-weekend quality that easily translates the definition of refinement no matter what your plans.

Elegant Clog Mules: Maya
Achieve head-to-toe polish by slipping into the evening-ready aesthetic of our Maya high heeled clogs, where femininity fuels its sophistication. Though just as versatile as its counterparts, Maya is destined to shine in the chicest of settings.
Which clog mule style is your best match this spring?


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