SHOP SMALL: Complete your clog look with unique accessories

SHOP SMALL: Complete your clog look with unique accessories

I know you appreciate all things handmade as much as we do. That is why I believe you'll love this post.

I want to introduce you to the amazing woman behind, Poppy Collective Co.
Sandgrens and Miale made a connection on Instagram last winter and today she's
visiting the clog blog with a guest post about the slow fashion angle that
connects her handmade jewelry and our handmade shoes.

"Mama by day, silversmith by night"

For centuries there has been a fascination with the capability and artistry set forth
by the human hands. Tourists line up to see hand sculpted forms by the masters
and all over the world priceless works of art line the walls of buildings also
conceptualized from hand drawn beginnings. Over time some of this fascination
has been lost to an emerging market of streamlined production and machined
perfection. In recent years our world was reminded of the tenacity and beauty of
the human spirit and how, in times where the world is forced to slow down, the
creativity in a set of human hands flows and endures.

It was during this time I put a little more faith in my hands and tried a craft I’d
always thought 
was just out of reach for me. It quickly turned from a hobby to a
therapy as so many people 
found their past times becoming throughout that time.
Following a recipe outlined by 
metalsmiths long before me that is entirely
dependent on Earth’s natural elements makes each 
turn at the bench feel like the
adventure of a lifetime. Through silver work I have found a way to 
travel back
through time and enjoy the moments I spent traveling with loved ones while also

processing the paths in life that brought me to where I am now. The process is
sacred to me, 
integral to my self expression and coping with the everyday
stressors of motherhood, family 
and life as whole. The slow art of making
something from start to finish has breathed new life 
into what was once exhaustion
in trying to keep up with in a fast paced world. 

Metalsmithing reminded me of that centuries old pull we feel to handmade goods,
the story 
behind every single piece weaving invisible threads drawing us to
express ourselves with things 
made by another, whether for wear or for pure
hedonistic enjoyment, their story now 
continuing on a part of ours. I find so much
inspiration for my work in the world around me, 
from the places I travel, the food I
eat and the clothes I wear. Each one a contributing factor to 
the bigger picture of
every piece's story. They all have an underlying meaning in conveying my 
story and values, which is always my dearest hope with my jewelry. This year I am
making a 
conscious effort to set intention around my entire creative process. It is
my utmost hope to 
choose handmade, wear handmade and advocate for
handmade from the tips of my toes in 
gorgeously crafted Sandgrens clogs to slow
made headbands keeping my wild mama hair out of fi
re’s way. I’m finding with a
very happy heart that oftentimes it’s not the completion of the 
creative process
that yields the most satisfaction but rather the special rituals we surround it 
As I finish getting dressed for the workday and slip on my clogs before heading to
workshop I feel the excitement begin as I wonder like so many of us do, “what
will today’s work 
yield? Who will hold these pieces dear?”. That is the ignition of
inspiration, sparked by the slow 
made, intentional work of two hands dressed in
jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of wood bottomed, 
leather shoes.

Thank you, Miale Rabun ♡

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