Shoes and Boots with Wooden Soles: The Ultimate Styles for Fall

Shoes and Boots with Wooden Soles: The Ultimate Styles for Fall

As summer slowly fades into the crisp temperatures of fall, we find ourselves contemplating if the fall trench as golden as the cascading leaves will hide the chilly goosebumps during our morning commute.

We question if it is too early to pull out that velvety cross body handbag that makes a rich burgundy statement when added to our outfits.

And as we walk the city streets to where the day begins, we take note of what others have pulled out of their closets, especially their footwear. Sandals have taken a vacation from their rotations, opting instead for their closed-toe comrades. With seemingly endless options to usher in the new season, there are always those select shoe styles for fall that you see everyone wearing.

It’s safe to say dressing for the summer temperatures has left the mind like a yacht sails off into the sunset, essentially leaving room at the dock to rejoice in the return of our favorite shoes.

As reliably as it does, boots styles for fall remain the number one contender for a season of beloved wear, presenting plenty of irresistible options to try on. Those craving to try the military chic trend will love to lace up the Berkeley Cap Toe, while the buckled aesthetic of Savannah will give any look a stylish leg up. For the girl about town, the Chukka Cap Toe best walks with her; while the Manhattan and Soho ankle boots with wooden soles evoke the sleek vibes of their namesake New York City boroughs.

Poised to also command attention as the seasons and styles transition are shoes with wooden soles like Naples and Zurich. Ideal for work or the weekend, Naples and Zurich apply a fresh take on their previous counterparts while remaining up-to-date on the ultimate styles for fall.

From military chic boots to a modern take on the classic clog, these are the best shoes with wooden soles to buy for fall whether you’re looking to make an investment or streamline your fashion affections.



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