Seeing Red: Classics in a New Color

Seeing Red: Classics in a New Color

If each handmade pair of clogs is imbued with a unique personality, then the color red makes it even more outgoing.

This new color of nubuck leather on such classics as our Maya, Dublin, Tokyo and Brett is eye-catching. It becomes the center of attention. It’s energizing. The color red is an inherently exciting color and naturally, it draws attention.

When fashioned as a Swedish clog, red exudes a powerful energy that seemingly announces its arrival into a room or in this instance, as new arrivals to our catalog. This determination is symbolic of the long-standing heritage and craftsmanship of one of Sweden’s most celebrated cultural icons.

Red awakens it. It allows for four of our timeless clog styles to be seen in another dimension.

The personality of RED: a desire to experience the fullness of living leads to constant activity. The energy of this color implies something big is coming next – a great adventure, a great love, great success. What will you be wearing? Browse the Maya, Dublin, Tokyo and Brett in red by clicking here.

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