Sandgrens x Only Child

Sandgrens x Only Child

This autumn we at Sandgrens decided to support and celebrate other likeminded, handcrafted, local brands that value the same things as we do – namely the appreciation for high quality, handmade items.

… Starting with Haley from Only Child.

Haley is the incredible woman behind the brand Only Child – a sustainable, handmade clothing brand based in Oakland, CA. We fell head over heels when we discovered her passion and talent in handcrafted beauties like her Bolinas Duster vest and Dune wide pants.

Each piece of Only Child’s clothing is made only after it has been purchased, which makes sure that each item has a purpose and is not piling up in a warehouse somewhere. This, alongside her dedication to ensuring the fabric being used is made of natural fibers, are few reasons why we think Only Child is unique in what she’s doing.

Only Child represents what we believe makes great, stunning design and her clothing really complements our wooden clogs. See for yourself here and we bet you’ll have a few new favorites within no time at all.  


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