Sandgrens x OffOn Clothing

Sandgrens x OffOn Clothing

This autumn, we at Sandgrens decided to support and celebrate other handcrafted, local brands that value the same things we do, especially the appreciation for high-quality, handmade items.

OffOn clothing is a husband-and-wife team based in Lithuania, who decided that handcrafted clothing items are too good not to be celebrated and cherished. All of their items are made-to-order and their main focus is quality. We couldn’t agree more with their ideal that quality should take time! And you can really tell that this mentality translates into their design, especially in its precision and fabric.

Why does this matter so much? Well, we think that putting an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship translates to a piece that sets you up for long-term wear. With brands like OffOn, who embrace the time and effort that’s dedicated to each item, we can make sure that products last way longer than other fast-fashion shops out there.

Our favorite pick is their classic jumpsuit, which can either be worn loose or more shaped. We’ve matched it here with our Maya clogs in Black. The loose-fitting style makes sure that this statement piece can be worn during the day, as well as in the evening, and in winter or summer!

Jump over to their Etsy page or their Instagram and find out more for yourself. Thank you OffOn Clothing for making such lovely linen designs!


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