Sandgrens x Not Perfect Linen

Sandgrens x Not Perfect Linen

This autumn, we at Sandgrens decided to support and celebrate other handcrafted, local brands that value the same things we do, especially the appreciation for high-quality, handmade items.

For our third collaboration in this series we ventured out to Lithuania to find a small family of creative people behind the brand called Not Perfect Linen. Their philosophy is simple – to create beautiful handmade linen items much as a response against mass produced products. The name Not Perfect Linen comes from the beauty behind linen which is that, it is not supposed to be perfect. Instead, letting the linen fabric age and be used are two things that allow this this type of fabric get even better with time. In many ways, this is how Sandgrens operates too. Those small unique grains in each of our clogs, or seeing our vegetable tanned leather tan over time; are some aspects we find beautiful and unique about using natural material and handcrafted processes. So perhaps it’s not so surprising why we fell head over heels for this Lithuanian brand.

The design and intent of Not Perfect Linen’s design is to be worn by people who appreciate natural material and simple cuts. Their clothes are comfortable and versatile – two things we really think complement our clog catalog. Our favorite picks are their Loose Linen pants and their Oversized Linen dress – both of which can be worn with clog sandals, as well as clog boots.

So make sure to jump online to see their Etsy page as well as Instagram page!


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