Sandgrens x Nadinoo

Sandgrens x Nadinoo

This autumn, we at Sandgrens decided to support and celebrate other handcrafted, local brands that value the same things we do, especially the appreciation for high-quality, handmade items.

Nadinoo is another such brand. Their philosophy is simple – find a garment that you’ll love, and you’ll wear it for longer. Then, proper care is measured to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

Based out on the British countryside, each item is made by hand and can be tailored towards an individual’s specific needs and preferences. The countryside has clearly influenced their clothing designs, while focusing on the intention of creating a classic style instead of a short-term fashion trend.

The process is slow but straightforward, coincidentally inspiring the fitting name for these pants, Slow Morning Trousers. We love the details imbued within, as much as the comfortable fit and fabric. Wear them with a pair of our clog mules or clog sandals, and the result is a companionship that is both fashionable and conscious.

Head over to Nadinoo’s website or Instagram to immerse yourself in their slow, stunning aesthetic.


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