Sandgrens Fall Color Release: Stone

Sandgrens Fall Color Release: Stone

Good design should be able to do more than one thing.

And a key attribute of good design is the versatility it presents. At its core, the color is among its most important components. Simply put, neutral colors never go out of style.

With this in mind, we at Sandgrens took our inspiration from nature.

Nowhere is the blending and matching of versatile colors more pure than within the natural landscapes. There, lush greens marry with sturdy browns and bright colors mix with the standard greys.

As the seasonal transition to fall paints the horizon with brilliant golds, oranges and reds of the foliage, we discovered likewise, gray is among the strongest of neutrals to carry wardrobes through this time of year.

It’s easy, it’s clean and it’s uncomplicated. Yet, it remains polished and refined. The fall release of the color Stone is best exhibited in our Tokyo, Dublin, Maya, Brett, Victoria, Saragasso and Morcocco clogs. Our classics, reinvented for the new season as a stunning neutral, are ready to serve as a foundation for the changing wardrobes.

Wear it to work or keep it casual – it’s sure to become an everyday essential because it’s effortless to dress up or down. As we’ve combined the strength of this hue with the impact of our clog styles, there’s substance and quality in the designs. They’re rendered as a “go-to” time and time again, and always with the distinction that the result makes you feel good.

If a piece of fashion can be worn more than one way, it adds value to your wardrobe.

This fall, we believe an aesthetic that seamlessly merges value and versatility curates attire that is not only fashionable but strong. Browse our clogs in the new color, Stone, by clicking here.

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