Sandgrens Clogs x Pyne & Smith

Sandgrens Clogs x Pyne & Smith

Our true clog-friends know, the combination of linen and wooden clogs is a match made in heaven. We’ve got the chance to work with our friends at Pyne & Smith to try out each other’s products.

Pyne & Smith is a brand that focuses on sustainable linen clothes. The Clothes are handmade of 100% European flax linen that is a natural fiber fabric. The fabric with the right care and love will last a lifetime, just as for our handmade clogs. Also, the linen fabric is environmentally friendly because of the fact that it requires very little water when it grows.

linen clothes  wooden clogs

We’ve styled lovely Pyne & Smith linen overalls with our Dublin in Nude vegetable tanned leather. The soft linen fabric is perfect to wear, it’s so light and breathable. Our Dublin’s are super comfortable. It’s their high heel that gives this mule a stylish feminine touch.

Linen and clogs

If you are comfortable with high heels, we also recommend matching your linen outfit with a pair of Maya clogs. The Maya style is a bit higher than the before mentioned style Dublin and is a true friend during the festivities. 

If you want to see more of Pyne & Smith's clothes click here.

Do you share our passion for linen and clogs? 

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