Product Care: How to take care of your wooden clogs

Product Care: How to take care of your wooden clogs

All our clogs are made of one of the most natural material you can ever find, namely, wood. We at Sandgrens have been wearing clogs for years and throughout the course of this time we’ve learned a lot about how to best care for our wooden bases. So we figured we’d share a few tips.

It’s okay if they hurt in the beginning.
Like many other shoes – our Swedish clogs take a while to break in. If this is your first time wearing wooden shoes, then getting used to walking on wood might feel a bit odd. Don’t worry though – once you’ve worn them for a while your feet will thank you. Wearing wood can be one of the friendliest materials to walk on! We suggest wearing them for a few hours a day for the first week and then slightly increase amount hours the following week.

Use a fine-grit sandpaper to clean the wood.
Yes, you heard right. If you’ve managed to get a little bit of dirt on your wooden clogs, try sandpaper to rub it away. Obviously, this should be used gently and with care but it definitely helps getting rid of those tiny marks.

Watch out for stairs and sidewalks edges.
It is very common to get a chip on your wooden clogs by accidentally hitting a step when you are walking up the stairs or when you’re crossing the road. We attached a thin rubber sole on them to protect the wood and prevent you from slipping but it is always good to be extra careful where you put your feet. If you do happen to get a chip in your wooden clog – often it’s an easy fix with some glue.

They will all look slightly different.
And we think that is one of their most alluring qualities! Wood has its own details such as darker patterns or spots, which can be shown in the above picture. This differs from mass-produced plastic shoes, where you can make identical shoes using machines and artificial material. Our clogs will have their own individual twists – that is nature’s own creation. On top of that, they’re also made by hand which ensures that every single pair of our clogs comes out looking absolutely unique from another.

Keep your furry friends away from your clogs.
Apparently, dogs love our clogs so make sure that you keep your clogs hidden or a sneaky furry creature might decide to eat them.

If you follow these instructions and handle your clogs with lots of love, you’ll soon see the true beauty of using natural material like wood – which is if you take care of it, it’ll last you for a lifetime. Curious in more tips and tricks? Check out our product information page to find more useful advice!


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