Postcards from the Swedish Archipelago with Sandgrens

Postcards from the Swedish Archipelago with Sandgrens

Summer, with a warmth that beckons you outdoors, seems to awaken the sense of wanderlust.

Where to, you ask?

How about a world of islands, just minutes from the city, where lies a beauty that has influenced the creative works of authors, poets and artists. It is also certain to influence a slowdown in schedules and a rise in the cultural, geographical and culinary explorations of your own.

With such stunning backdrops of the Baltic Sea, you’ll require little in terms of persuasion to wander the Swedish Archipelago’s breathtaking coastlines.

You’ll want to be comfortable, and a pair of clogs is ideal for a Scandinavian day trip.

Our Brett clogs in nude pair as easily with the scenery as they do with a breezy, summer dress. There’s more than what meets the eye to this closed-toe, closed-heel design however, where the difference is in the details. A sleek cut out in the silhouette of these Swedish clogs mimics the inlays of the archipelago.

Beyond setting your sights on the picture-perfect summer scenery, boating is an extremely popular activity, of course. The sailing race Ornö is one of the largest, is open to anyone with a sailboat pending its registration into the event, and welcomes all skill levels. If a slower pace is preferred, a relaxing cruise on the sea allows easy exploring.

Whether you wander on land, by sea or through the lens of a camera, there is no wrong angle from which to experience the beauty of the Swedish Archipelago.

To view the vacation-ready Brett and other ideal clogs for your late summer holiday, browse our collections here.

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