Our first-ever collaboration collection: The Monroe

Dear clog-lovers, we got news for you

In one week we will be introducing the Monroe Clog Sandal - a stunning
creation that's the result of our first-ever collaboration collection. We couldn't
be more excited to showcase this unique blend of style and comfort, crafted
with care by our factory in Sweden. From its eye-catching silhouette to its
premium materials, every detail has been carefully considered to create a
standout piece that will quickly become your go-to shoe for any occasion. So
let's dive into what makes this clog sandal so special and why it deserves a
spot in your wardrobe!

Monroe, handmade clog sandals from sandgrens clogs

Meet the designer

Our first-ever collaboration collection designed in partnership with Amy, the
amazing woman behind the Instagram account @myrustichouse. The Monroe is
a modern-day clog sandal made of high-quality materials with a comfortable fit.
On the 3rd of April this unique style collection will be available in five colors:
Black, Pink-Blush, Sand, Nude, and Cognac.

The Monroe Clog, Amy Grassinger

Amy has been a Sandgrens Brand Ambassador for over a year. She wears
everything from our high-rise mules Venice to our bestselling closed-back
Brett. She has a big knowledge of how to style wooden clogs, and how to find
the perfect fit from the different styles in our catalog. This is why we are
so excited to have teamed up with Amy on this special project. Her page
@myrustichouse is full of inspiration on how to style clogs but also how to find
the best thrifts for your home. Amy is a beloved wife, boy mom, and a lover of
all things rusty, dusty, and chippy.

The story behind the design of The Monroe

The idea for the clog sandal came about in the early summer of 2022. We
wanted to create a clog that would be comfortable and stylish, while still
keeping its timeless feeling. It is a huge honor for us at Sandgrens to receive
help with the design from Amy that has been using our clogs daily for a long

the first draft of the new design
The first draft of the Monroe Sandal was sent to Amy in June 2022.

How did you feel about the design & how did you choose the colors?
"It was love at first sight! I didn’t want to change a thing. The colors are all
personal favorites and ones I thought would be popular among all the
Sandgren's lovers!"

What is the history behind the name Monroe? 
"I chose Monroe because it’s the little town in Ohio where my husband and I
bought our first home and had our two boys. It will always hold a special place
in my heart."

Amy, monroe clogs sandal
Amy wearing The Monroe Sandal in Black Nubuck & Nude Vegetable Tanned leather.

The Monroe was delivered on Amy's front porch in November 2022 and these
are her first words about the sandals.

"Oh my I received the shoes yesterday evening and they are just perfect in every
way! I think these will be my new favorite pair honestly!"

The final result of The Monroe

After months of designing, prototyping, and testing, our first-ever collaboration
collection will be available to the public. The Monroe Clog Sandal is the result
of a partnership that shares a passion for quality craftsmanship and timeless

The Monroe Clog Sandal is handcrafted from start to finish using only the finest
materials. We're extremely proud of this collaboration and the final result of the
Monroe sandal. We hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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