New Clog Styles to Warm up Your Winter

New Clog Styles to Warm up Your Winter

January is the month for setting resolutions to inspire a little reinvention.

Nestled within the potential of each goal is magic, and a promise that new experiences and triumphs are available to each of us. The tools to achieve it are already within our grasp – all that’s required is a combination of creativity, ingenuity and determination.

We kicked off the New Year with a reinvention of our own, allowing a crush of color on our Milan and Nashville clog styles to refresh these classics. The combination of a dark wood base and dramatic leather hues leave an equally versatile yet eye-catching impact. And of course, the silhouette continues to honor the tried-and-true handcraftsmanship that Sandgrens is known for.

Do you set resolutions?

A popular piece of advice to those who wish to move forward is to dress for the job you want. What if you took it one step further by revising the statement to “dress for the year you want”? This way, your wardrobe choices advance more than just a career role.

Perhaps you aspire to travel more this year, be it an international getaway, a weekend excursion or just an afternoon out of the office. By strapping into an off-you-go pair of Milan clogs, you’ll discover an easy comfort that will last the duration of your explorations.

Or, maybe you seek to show your newfound confidence that comes with setting goals. The edgy wooden heel and statement-making buckle enhances the iconic shape of the clog mule, perfectly suited for your grand entrance.

New year, better you

The most invigorating characteristic of a resolution is the encouragement that growth is a true possibility. Sometimes, all it takes is a small update to create a stunning transformation.

Want to feel inspired by our own redesign? Browse the updated styles here!

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