Mother's Day Special Guest: Miale from @poppycollectiveco

Mother's Day Special Guest: Miale from @poppycollectiveco

What a dream to be working hand in hand with another amazing small business! My name is
Miale and I am the hands behind Poppy Collective Co. where I craft precious metal and stone
jewelry I hope is one day passed from generation to generation. First and foremost in life I am a
mama and a wife. This business came to be out of a need to be home with my littles, Poppy
(business namesake!), my three year old daughter and Finn, my two year old son. Professionally I
am a licensed CTRS/Recreation Therapist who spent my career working in mental health
facilities across Central Texas prior to the pandemic. I was due to return from maternity leave
with my daughter just as the world shut down. It wasn’t a viable option to go back to the
hospital setting as my husband, Caleb, was an essential worker and gone over 65 hours a week.
We had to change our entire world and there were plenty of growing pains but ultimately it led
us to where we are now and I would never change a thing. Caleb and I have been together since
we were teenagers and taking on life’s challenges with him in every phase has been the best
adventure, he is my biggest cheerleader and now cuts all the rocks in my pieces!

Miale Rabun, family photo

I started Poppy Collective Co. in the midst of 2020 and the chaos that ensued for so many. As a
new mother, and unexpectedly unemployed, I found myself needing an outlet to express myself
through so much change. Looking back now I know I had severe postpartum anxiety. Wondering
how to keep my family safe, worrying about engaging positively with my daughter and finding
time to take care of myself simultaneously were all things that constantly seemed to be over my
head. As a CTRS I did art, music and physical activity all day to help heal and teach coping skills
to my clients. Metalsmithing was always something I greatly admired but seemed just out of
reach for me. The library was one of the only places I could take my daughter with everything
closed down. While there sitting in the quiet I decided I’d check out a book on the subject and
give it a shot. If I failed at least I tried, if I ended up loving it then maybe there was a light at the
end of the tunnel and a way to channel all my feelings into something positive. That’s how
today came to be!

Handmade rings

I aim to make pieces that not only remind me of the good times passed but also of all the
adventures on the horizon. Drawing from my experiences out in nature and even personally as a
mom and woman in incredibly chaotic times, I look to these pieces as symbols of peace and
positivity. So many of my designs take on warm tones and sun ray forms because ultimately
that's what this business is for me, a little ray of light in a world I’m so lucky to have created with
my partner and my kids. I am encouraged each day by wonderful clients and my smiling babies
that I get to raise right here at home while running my business at night. There are long days
and plenty of time spent rubbing my temples in stress, but ultimately the path feels right, and
pieces are made with intention, love and joy because of the gratitude I have for the winding
road that has brought me to this beautiful destination.

Miale Rabun from PoppyCollective

With Love, Miale @poppycollectiveco

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