Mother's Day Special Guest: Maggie LaRue

Mother's Day Special Guest: Maggie LaRue

Maggie LaRue with Brett in Blush Nubuck Leather
My name is Maggie Larue, a small-town Alaskan silversmith. I try to showcase
the value in small batches, one-of-a-kind pieces that are made by hand.

I've been working with Sandgrens since last November. I actually did a happy
dance when they reached out to me because our values align so well. I picked
out the Brett Low in Nude to be my first pair of clogs because they go with
EVERYTHING. Perfect for everyday wear - something that is important to me.
I've since dubbed them as my "OG's" because the collection has been growing.
They've been put through the ringer and the leather has only become more
beautiful with character for every adventure. 

Maggie LaRue in Brett Low in Nude

I am not a mother yet. I am, however, surrounded by the best community of
mothers I could ask for. Both the mother figures who raised me and my friends
who are just starting their own journey. Watching them raise young children has
been one of the most special experiences since moving back to my hometown
a few years ago. I've grown an appreciation for the strength and tenacity
motherhood requires. It's some of the hardest, yet holiest work women get to
do. I personally believe it takes a village to raise children well and I feel grateful
to be a part of the foundational years of these kids' lives. Whether it's chasing a
little boy in circles while his mom cooks dinner or teaching a four-year-old girl
how to ski, each moment I spend with my friends' children is an honor I don't
take lightly. I value all of the "extra" mothers that helped raise me and hope to
make that same impact on many children's lives.

Handmade Clogs, Dancing
My mother is the unsung hero of our family. She is known to be hard-working,
selfless, and one of the most nurturing souls. She is a mom figure to many of
my friends and I am incredibly lucky to have her on my team (as she would say).
She, like all mothers, does not get a single day off. Each mom
should be celebrated with daily words of encouragement, long hugs, and plenty
of "I love you's". I try to thank mine every single day because she shows up for
me every single day. But on Mother's Day, a handwritten card, and quality time
always makes my mom cry. Be thoughtful, be kind, be patient, but most
importantly, be there for the mothers in your life.

Handmade Clogs, Brett Low Nude

Comparison is the thief of joy. You are doing the best you can with whatever
situation you have. Don't compare your journey to the outside perspective of
what other mothers are accomplishing. And ask for help when you need it.
Your people will be at your door whenever you really need them. 

With Love, Maggie LaRue 

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