Mother's Day Special Guest: Kelsey Goodrich

Mother's Day Special Guest: Kelsey Goodrich

My name is Kelsey Goodrich and I'm a fashion and lifestyle
influencer living in Indianapolis with my husband, Mikey, and my
two fluffy ragdoll cats, Graham and Lyla. My content primarily
focuses on repeat outfits featuring timeless looks and pieces, and
sometimes the occasional "Mikey feature" to highlight men's
fashion as well. I also enjoy sharing my home decor, antiquing finds,
hair and beauty tips and routines, and highlights of my life in the

Brett Sand

I've been an admirer of Sandgrens Clogs for years but started with
their ambassador program in the fall of 2021. I love the way a pair
of clogs elevate an outfit - from jeans and tees to dresses, they look
so good with everything!

Tokyo Cognac

While I do not have any children of my own (yet), I do love my "fur
babies" like a part of my family as opposed to just pets that I own.
Both of my cats will be 5 years old this year, but I can't imagine
going back to a life without them. I love seeing them greet me at the
door when I come home each day or wake me up early on a
Saturday morning for some snuggles, or even knock things off the
coffee table when we aren't giving them attention - it's never a dull

Monroe Cognac

As much as I love my cats, I know it is a far comparison to the self-
sacrifice and care that motherhood demands. That's why I am so
very thankful for both my maternal mother and my mother-in-law
and try my best to show them my appreciation on Mother's Day.
My mom was a single parent for most of my formative years, raising
and providing for me and my two siblings herself. My mom's love
language is acts of service, so the best way I can show her my love
and appreciation is by offering to do or help with something she's
been wanting to do. It could be anything from repainting her kitchen
cabinets (which me and my siblings did several years ago), to
simply cooking her a meal while she puts her feet up. It's the very
least we can do to show her our love and appreciation. 

Kelsey, Victoria Red

While my mom and I have a great relationship, we don't always
share the same tastes. My MIL on the other hand is more like a
friend that I could go grab coffee with and then end up going
shopping all afternoon together. She actually purchased me my very
first pair of clogs as a birthday gift one year! It makes sense that I
fell in love with one of her sons. For a mother of 5, she still finds
time to be intentional with not only each of her children but also
their spouses. She's made me feel so welcome and loved as one of
her own, and for that, I am so grateful. Especially since you hear the
term "monster-in-law" used so often. Sometimes I like hanging out
with her more than my husband... no, not really... well, maybe. ;)

Brett Sand
Both my mom and my mother-in-law are such great representations
of motherhood in my life and I'm thankful for them every day!

With Love, Kelsey @thegoodrichwife

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