Mother's Day Special Guest: Amy Grassinger

Mother's Day Special Guest: Amy Grassinger

Hi everyone I’m Amy from myrustichouse on Instagram!  

I wanted to share a bit about myself with you. I love all things vintage, rustic,
and thrifted. I am a mom of two teenage boys.  One is graduating this year from
high school and then will be headed off to college.  Home decor has been a
creative outlet for me as I was a stay-at-home mom for about 15 years.  It has
been a fun journey meeting all kinds of other amazing people who share the
same passion.  I love going to antique shops, thrift shops, and flea markets in
search of all kinds of unique treasures to decorate with. 

I received my first pair of Sandgrens clogs as a Christmas gift and it was love at
first sight!  I got the Brett’s and they are the perfect everyday shoe.  I have had
the privilege of working with Sandgrens for about a little over a year.  It has
been such an honor to be able to also help design a clog with them as
well!  The Monroe has become my absolute favorite clog.  It’s so versatile and

Brett Nude and Monroe Nude

Since we are celebrating Mother’s Day I wanted to share what motherhood
means to me. It has been the biggest joy and challenge of my life. I can
appreciate each phase and season but I have to say I love watching them grow
into amazing young men with pretty cool personalities. I love just spending time
with them going to watch their sporting events or just hanging out watching
tv.  We celebrate Mother’s Day each year with a nice meal and relaxing time at
home or maybe an adventure to an antique shop.  

The Mornoe, Black nubuck leather

I am blessed that my mother lives with us so she joins in on the fun of going out
to a nice meal and then we give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. My boys
always used to make homemade cards too and still do occasionally to hand out
to us. Those are the best gifts in my opinion.  

Dublin Cognac Clog Mule

If I have any advice for mother’s it would be to truly live in each moment…all of
them the good, the bad, and the ugly. It might not feel like it while you are in the
season but it does pass so fast.  As I am gearing up to let one of mine fly the
nest I swear I blinked and he became a man. Have no regrets of saying no to
something so you can say yes to time with them. Take advantage of the car line
pick ups and drop offs and trips to practice as time to listen and chat about
anything they have to say because one day you won’t get to do that anymore.
Just be available to lend an ear always.  

Venice, Blush clog mule

It has been so fun sharing a little bit of me with you and I wish all of you amazing Mothers a happy Mother’s Day! 
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