Mother's Day Special Guest: Amanda Pahls

Mother's Day Special Guest: Amanda Pahls

Hi dudes!
I am a happy, home-educating mother to 5 lovely daughters ages 1-10. I am
married to my college sweetheart, but you will most commonly hear me refer to
him as my boyfriend. We are very slowly fixing up our 1930s home in the heart
of Kansas. You can find us spending lots of time together as a family, thrifting,
eating large baked goods with friends, and you can find me doing all of our
favorite things in my very favorite Sandgrens Brett Nudes most of the time! I try
to be intentional about choosing joy, even as we grieve, and genuinely want to
be someone who makes the lives of those around her better. We hope that in
sharing parts of our stories with the world around us, others will feel less alone
wherever they may be in theirs.

Amanda Pahls Dancing with daughters in Kitchen With Brett Nude

Nothing could have prepared me to love motherhood the way I do. It sounds
dramatic, but when our first daughter was laid on my chest, almost everything
about me changed, and for the better. I was actually in graduate school at the
time, and by the time I graduated, and was about to enter the workforce as a
Licensed Professional Therapist, we had 4 daughters and I decided to walk
away from that to stay home and home-educate our daughters. It doesn’t come
without sacrifice, but it has all been so worth it! What an honor it is to get to
mother our 5 beautiful daughters! 

Amanda Pahls - Closed backs

I like to celebrate motherhood in the simple moments every day! Saying yes
when the girls ask me to jump on the trampoline or play pretend, soaking in the
goodness that is our daily rhythm and evening rituals, making big hot meals,
baking together, and just enjoying being with one another. Our oldest daughters
enjoy sharing clothes with me now and we just about wear the same shoe size
so it’s been so fun celebrating motherhood with them by sharing our clothes
together. And good news, they also love clogs 
😊 I got our oldest her first pair
of Sandgrens, the Vienna Lows in Blush, and it’s so fun getting to match with

Playing with doll in Vienna Low in Blush

I show appreciation for my Mother-figures by sharing our simple joys with them
as well. I often will share a memory I have with my mother, now with
perspective as a mother myself, and call her to apologize and tell her how
much I love her and thank her for everything she ever did for me. You don’t
understand how loved you are by your mother until you are holding your own
children, and then it almost feels truly devastating to imagine you ever did
anything to hurt your mother. Watching my mother and celebrating her as a
grandmother has been so incredible and I try to tell her this often. 

Amanda Pahls in Brett Nude

The way I see it, you have two options as a mother; To view your children as
blessings or burdens. And whatever you choose will be apparent to your
children, the world around you, and in the ways in which you raise your children
and experience parenthood. My advice would be to choose blessing, but that is
a choice every mother must make. I hope our daughters will know that they are
the greatest blessings I will ever know. 

Amanda Pahls closed back
With Love, Amanda Pahls

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