Mixing Classics: How to Wear the Stripe Trend with Clogs

Mixing Classics: How to Wear the Stripe Trend with Clogs

As trends come and go through the revolving door of fashion, few pieces seem to enjoy the timeless appeal of a well-made pair of clogs and the steadfast pattern of a strong stripe.

The first time the modern striped shirt appeared as a fashion trend was in 1917, when Coco Chanel debuted them in Paris. It was a direct response to the then-heavily-corseted approach to women’s casualwear, inspired by a trip to France’s southern coast and was quite literally, a breath of fresh air.

Intrigued by the sailors as they worked the docks, Chanel admired how utilitarian and hardy they looked in their striped uniform. It was one of the first times women’s fashion took elements from men’s clothing.

With a 100-year history as proof: stripes are a classic wardrobe staple. And the best part? They can be easily adapted from day-to-night.

Whether it’s the iconic French black-and-white stripe made relevant by Chanel, or the nautical navy-and-white stripe, to colored, to horizontal, to vertical – it remains one of the most sophisticated patterns out there.

Just as the iconic clog shape continues to endure with its graceful appeal, stripes have celebrated a reinvention that renders them completely of-the-moment. The strong combination of the two is trending for spring, and Sandgrens believes it’s time for it to take up residency in your closet.

A chic refresh to your spring wardrobe is a simple striped top. The look is casual yet polished, and is easily finished with a strong boot.

Outfit Idea #1 featuring the Sandgrens’ Manhattan/New York clog boot: elevate a pair of skinny jeans with a tried-and-true striped shirt and clog boots. Then, incorporate fun accessories to add pops of spring color.

Outfit Idea #2 featuring the Sandgrens’ Maya/Victoria clog: the bold statement of a pair of high-impact striped pants takes center stage when paired with this classic clog style and a solid color blouse. This outfit looks sharp when accented with a red accessory.

A century ago, stripes lured the fashion industry with its simplicity and its effect remains the same. In 2017, when two of the most wearable essentials of stripes and clogs come together, its impact on contemporary style is as elegant as it is effortless.



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