Mastering Monochrome: How Black & White Pairs with Clogs

Mastering Monochrome: How Black & White Pairs with Clogs

Whether it’s a style mantra of ‘keep it simple’ or ‘back to basics,’ wearing black and white creates a look that’s anything but ordinary.

It’s a celebration in contrast, classic as can be yet is a sophisticated approach that calms the senses with its ease of wear. The chic shades are curated without being controlling, unlike loud patterns that can overwhelm an outfit.

Best of all, it’s an expression that is available, attainable and accessible by all.


Getting dressed is easy

The most trusted of outfits is a pair of tailored black pants and a crisp white top. Obvious variations of this ensemble include all black clothing, or a complete white-out that bucks the traditional ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule that tempts.

Another monochromatic scheme that’s increasing in popularity is cream and navy. The result of either is always one of polish.

Black and white makes pattern play safer, thanks to the simplicity of its color scheme. Matching prints beyond stripes like zig zags, checks, gingham and florals is an effortless endeavor.

Clogs add textural appeal

Sometimes, the sharp tone of monochrome risks a sterile appearance. The best way to soften the edges is by turning to nature for inspiration.

The natural wooden bases and luxurious leather materials add warmth to this potentially stark combination. A belt with a statement-making metal buckle adds depth, and a favorite pair of earrings adds a personal touch.

A blank canvas

The monochromatic trend presents the opportunity for clogs to showcase an eye-catching color, a versatile neutral or a fresh design accent. The purpose of trying a trend is to have fun with it, and while black and white has serious undertones, it is not meant to be taken literal. After all, the only true rule of fashion is that you enjoy what you’re wearing.

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