Malmo, Chukka and Gunnar: How to Style Three Different Men’s Clogs

Malmo, Chukka and Gunnar: How to Style Three Different Men’s Clogs

The early history of wooden clogs is defined as the footwear of the worker.

The design of the Swedish clog differs from the shoe type traditionally seen elsewhere in Europe and Asia. It consists of the easily-recognizable backless aesthetic on a wooden sole, with a rounded toe box that is durable and reliable. In fact, it’s closely reminiscent of the early clog patterns of the Renaissance and ironically remains the most popular style of clogs to this day.

Nowhere is this storied record of clogs celebrated than the curated collection of Sandgren’s clogs for men.

The modern men’s clog pulls forward this rugged profile and translates it as an everyday essential. True to its tradition, the Malmo open back clog for men is one of our most popular featured styles. Furthering the classic clog’s evolution however, are clog boots like Chukka and a closed heel clog like Gunnar. The result is a varied yet balanced catalog that suits the range of needs for today’s fashion-forward man.

Clogs Created Especially for Men

Our clogs are constructed in Sweden and founded on a longstanding legacy of handcraftsmanship, creating footwear that is an ideal choice for the active professional or anyone who spends hours on their feet.

Outfit Tip #1:

The slip-on-and-go appeal of Malmo is anatomically contoured for daily routines. Run errands wearing a relaxed pair of jeans and a well-cut tee that maximizes comfort and style.

Outfit Tip #2:

Our Chukka clog boot pairs handsomely with smart, business casual wear. A tailored pair of pants and a crisp button-down shirt create a professional ensemble that will make a good first impression.

Outfit Tip #3:

Clogs like Gunnar portray a subtle practicality, yet sets the standard for quality. Ideal for plans made after sunset, wear a pair of dark denim jeans and a sharp, well-cut top with this clog shape.
It’s the combination of respected history, an enduring passed-down heritage and endless comfort that continues to tell the story of timeless clogs. How will you share its narrative?


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