Lace-Up v. Slip-On: Choosing the Perfect Clogs for Your Wardrobe

Lace-Up v. Slip-On: Choosing the Perfect Clogs for Your Wardrobe

A topic of great debate in fashion, the long-adhered standard has been that lace-up styles are formal, while the slip-on variety is more casual especially if a woman wishes to not wear a pair of heels. 

Sandgrens aims to settle this discussion once and for all, as there have been plenty of exceptions to emerge over the years. The bottom line is, it depends upon the overall look and the dress code of the event you are wearing it to.

Especially with the holidays around the corner, our social calendars are filled with parties, engagements, and other gatherings that require consideration in what to wear. Here are a few examples of dress codes and the appropriate shoe styles to match:

  1. Business Casual or Casual – slip-on loafer styles work best with separates, as the environment is less formal. This type of footwear is commonly considered more comfortable, therefore more acceptable in relaxed settings. Slip on clogs like Sandgrens’ Tokyo for women or Bergen for men achieve the just-right combination of comfort and refinement.
  1. 2. Formal Interview – When wearing a pantsuit, for a man or a woman, a lace-up would be most appropriate. Women who opt to forgo wearing a pair of heels should consider a lace-up brogue style of footwear. It is best to avoid wearing slip-ons in this situation.
  2. 3. Black-tie event – The black-tie dress code is one of the most traditional and formal requests on an invitation, and where Sandgrens recommends the standard be followed. A smart pair of lace-up shoes is the ideal choice for men to pair with their tuxedo or fine suit, as women should wear a pair of dressy pumps with their gown.
  3. 4. Festive attire – a common dress code especially around the holidays, where seasonal colors pair best with jovial occasions, women should opt for lace-up clogs like Sandgrens’ Zurich. The elevated heel height on Zurich adds to the clogs’ overall sophistication, and looks effortless with a colorful cocktail dress.

Men can achieve this same polished look for the holiday event by wearing a pair of Sandgrens’ Chukka boots with a sport coat and slacks.

A great shoe can “make” your outfit by adding its suitable finishing touch. It can be a challenge to decide upon a style that is appropriate for both your look and the dress code, but a little careful consideration can enhance your overall appearance. There is no better time than the holiday season to put your best foot forward!


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