Jumpstart Spring with our Down to Earth collection

Jumpstart Spring with our Down to Earth collection

The date on the calendar makes it official – spring has arrived! Sandgrens celebrates this by releasing the Down to Earth Collection, inspired by and lead by nature. The team at Sandgrens is excited to emerge into the renewed season and collection with these inspired ideas.

When the landscapes are this poignant, and the temperatures follow suit, clog sandals find their home amongst the elements. Anchored by a high heeled wooden clog base, Dallas blends its feminine silhouette with a foundation as sturdy as the ground.

A Clog for All Spring Terrains

Clog sandals like our Dubai intersects luxury and pure materials through its fine leather construction. Then, as the flowy fabrics of your spring wardrobe begins to dance on the wind, the effect is as dreamy as the scenery that stretches across the horizon.

When the season thaws the city skyline, our Nice high heeled clog sandals carry forward this industrial temperament with fashionable details. The ankle strap is supportive, the shoes are comfortable, but the design is empowering.

Meanwhile, the silhouette of Nashville is relaxed and at ease, ideal for a slower pace and a cozy sweater. Dressed up or dressed down, this easily-recognizable clog mule polishes casual ensembles.

We know which spring combinations we’re excited to try on – how about you?


Sandgrens Team

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