Introducing the Sandgrens Down to Earth Collection for Spring/Summer 2017

Introducing the Sandgrens Down to Earth Collection for Spring/Summer 2017

To capture the essence of our Nature Collection, the Sandgrens team embarked on a road trip into its inspiration.

With little more than the wind to guide us, it seemed Mother Nature herself lead us into the ethereal boundaries of the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

Here, each day dawns with an unspoken magic where the possibilities are endless and the spirit of exploration is abundant. No matter what the experience holds on the horizon, the day ends with a collection of fresh memories to smile over as they’re reflected upon.

Balanced by the elements of earth and wind, our natural inspiration pulls forward the adventurous spirit of each new style. The warm, inviting elegance of our classic clog mules and the vintage-inspired romance of our high heel clog sandals are brought to life by nature’s own stunning palette.

Additionally, the Valley of Fire boasts the best sunsets that paint the landscape with brilliant tones that seem to deepen by the minute. Set against these vivid colors, pure rock formations and supreme wonder of the Valley of Fire, Sandgrens’ new Spring/Summer 2017 Collection evokes a down-to-earth appeal driven only by its timeless beauty.

The result are unexpected classics in the geological hues of plum, sand, navy and olive. Strong clog mules like the Dubai, Austin and Nashville exhibit on-trend details like a buckled accent and block heel. With Dubai, ‘X’ marks the spot as its natural materials meets high fashion at the intersection of its construction. These styles’ versatility features an off-you-go aesthetic that allows you to slip them on with ease, ideal for your own spring adventures.

Then, Sandgrens took its inspiration to new heights with a trio of high heeled clog sandals that each possess a unique personality. High heeled clog sandals like Nice boast an edgier construction while Dallas retains a romantic disposition. Copenhagen, meanwhile, holds a playful temperament to round out the collection that seamlessly matches any sensibility.

Journey to the collection, and let the elemental beauty of our handmade clogs inspire you.

Sandgrens Team

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