Interview with Jenna from Circus of Cakes

Interview with Jenna from Circus of Cakes

Jenna, the founder of Circus of Cakes, is a clog friend of ours that really lives the colorful way of life. If you’ve ever come across her Instagram, you will without a doubt enjoy lots of beautiful snaps of colorful places and things! Not too long ago, our Milan clogs in yellow managed to come with Jenna on her trip to Sweden. So we figured we’d catch Jenna and ask how her first trip ever to Sweden was.

  1. Welcome back! How was your trip to Sweden and where did you go?
    Thank you so much! Sweden was truly amazing. I had read and heard a lot about the culture over the years and had a feeling that I would like it, but did not expect to fall in love with it the way that I did! I stayed in Strömstad, but got the chance to visit Gothenberg, Stockholm, and a few smaller towns including Jönköping, Uddevalla and Smögen.


  1. What do you think about the places you got to see?
    Every town and city was unique in its own way. I loved Strömstad the most, mostly because it’s where my boyfriend lives/is from, but Stockholm blew me away. I live in Los Angeles, so any time I get to visit another large city in a new place is really exciting. There were so many great restaurants, beautiful buildings and friendly people. I loved the charm of Haga in Gothenberg with its cobblestone streets as well. Smögen was a lovely little boat town with a row of colorful boathouses – a total gem to find!


  1. What were your thoughts about Sweden before your trip?
    Before coming to Sweden, I had heard that people were very friendly and that it’s beautiful.


  1. Have they changed now after you’ve visited Sweden or were they confirmed?
    My feelings have not changed, only confirmed!


  1. What are some of the first things that come to your mind when you hear “Made in Sweden” and “Swedish quality”? How would you describe those two terms?
    Of course I think of clogs and candy the most, haha. There is a certain sense of care and precision put into everything that is manufactured in Sweden, and I know that when I own something that is manufactured in Sweden, that it will be built to last, and will stay a classic staple piece in my closet or at home for many years to come.


  1. How did you hear about Sandgrens Clogs?
    I heard about Sandgrens Clogs through my friends in social media. The clogs looked so cute to me, I loved all of the bright color choices, and knew I had to get myself a pair immediately.


  1. How come you choose our Milan clogs in yellow? What do you like about them and how do you prefer styling them?
    I have a bright color aesthetic when it comes to my brand, and I knew that I would be visiting certain parts of Sweden that would really give a great compliment to the shoes I would be wearing (specifically Gamla Stan, in Stockholm, because of the tall, colorful buildings), so I knew I had to go with that color. I love styling my clogs with both dresses, as well as with a cute pair of denim! They’re so versatile and easy to throw on with any outfit.


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