How to Style Clogs & Jumpsuits

How to Style Clogs & Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have enjoyed a quick rise to the spring style roster, and it’s easy to see why.

They’re head-to-toe polish with all-in-one ease.

It’s dressing simplified but never plain, with an uncanny ability to be dressed up or dressed down.

To achieve your best look though, there are some important elements to consider when selecting a jumpsuit to add to your dress code.

First, finding the proper fit is key. Do not wear a jump suit that is too tight or too loose. One tried and true look is a halter-style with a cinched waist and a wide leg pant.

And speaking of the waistline, another tip is to find a jumpsuit that accents the waistline or add a belt. You do not want to lose your figure. Further style it by adding a structured blazer, which is a nice contract against the typical flowy construction.

And to finish the look, wear high heeled clogs.

Outfit Idea #1: A jumpsuit with an embellished neckline or accented waistline has the kind of styling that speaks for itself. Balance this one-of-a-kind statement with a classic pair of Swedish clogs like our Maya clogs in a matching color from our Brights Collection, and you’re set for a walk about town.

Outfit Idea #2: One-shoulder jumpsuits are also a popular trend this spring. Elevate the elegance of this style by slipping into a pair of Dallas high heeled clogs, perfect for the evening’s plans.

Outfit Idea #3: A monochromatic look elongates your figure, and while black or white are a good way to ease into the trend, a solid olive green jumpsuit is just as beautiful. Our Nice high heeled clogs in a coordinating leather tone creates a well-suited approach to a new classic.

This spring, give your dresses a break. What trends will you be trying with your clogs?



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