How to Style Clogs for Big Events

How to Style Clogs for Big Events

Spring fills our days with sunshine and budding flowers, and seemingly our calendar with weddings, engagements and other celebratory events. With such a wide array of RSVPs, the dress code can range from a casual get-together to a more formal affair.

In praise of this season of celebration, we at Sandgrens believe the right pair of shoes can tie the entire outfit together. With curated collections as varied as the requested attire, a pair of classic Swedish clogs nails that just-right combination of style and comfort.

When dressing for an event, first consider the nature of the occasion and if a specific dress code is requested. It may help you coordinate your outfit.

A few more tips to think about:

  1. Consider color, of course, but when in doubt, black is a classic choice.
  2. Match shoes to the color of your dress or pantsuit, if possible. If wearing a black dress, choose black. You want your footwear to coordinate or exactly match the main color of your outfit.
  3. Wear what feels comfortable. Some “rules” point to high heels looking best with shorter length dresses or skirts, and lower heels pair well with longer dresses and pantsuits. In the end, it’s about what feels best when worn.
  4. Walk around your home wearing your clogs for several days prior to the event.

Outfit Idea:
A black cocktail dress shines with a pair of our high heeled Maya clogs.

As for men, the general rule of thumb is that shoes with a slip-on aesthetic are more casual in nature. Shoes that lace-up are better suited for more formal events.

However, the Monk shoe-style like our Gunnar clogs are easily identified with a buckle across the top, and feel more formal than other slip-on counterparts. It’s smooth appearance and buckle closure elevate this silhouette.

Traditional pant-and-shoe color combinations include the loyal black on black, but gray dress pants or slacks have emerged as an option. In fact, sets of black or brown clogs blend seamlessly with gray.

Is your spring events calendar filling up? Browse our fresh picks for celebrating the milestones in style.



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