How to Care for Your Clog Boots in Winter

How to Care for Your Clog Boots in Winter

The weather outside may be frightful but my dear, a pair of Sandgrens clog boots feels delightful!

And with our tips, your favorite pair will not only withstand the elements Mother Nature threw beneath your feet, but also the test of time. The seasons may be cyclical, but that doesn’t mean your boots have to be. Though we summarized it here, further reading on how to care for your clog leathers can be found on our FAQs page.

Dress for the Weather

Of course, it is important to protect yourself from winter conditions by dressing warm.

It seems snow, slush, ice and salt present as the ultimate test for our footwear, with snow possibly taking the largest toll. Now, it isn’t necessary to shelve your clog boots during this time, but it may be good judgment to change into your clogs at your destination during active weather situations.

Should snow or slush impact the leathers, the key to preservation is prompt attention.

Take care of the leather

A valuable tool in the care and keeping of your clogs is a stiff, clean brush. Priced relatively inexpensive, its frequent use will help buff and restore the clogs’ leather appearance and quality.

Our clogs and clog boots are constructed with a choice leathers, most commonly the Vegetable Tan or Nubuck. Take note of which leather is used in the pair you purchase. If you purchased a gorgeous pair of clogs made from a Vegetable Tan in Nude, do not use any cleaning or leather care products on them.

Colored Vegetable Tan leathers can be cleaned with traditional shoe polish or any common shoe cleaner. Nubuck leathers won’t require oil, as they’re oiled during the refining process, but can also benefit from such common products.

Winter shouldn’t hinder fashion, but rather, present a unique opportunity. With proper care, your Sandgrens clogs will celebrate this chance. To browse our collection of clog boots, follow this link to our current catalog.

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