How Swedish Standards Are Reflected in Their Clogs

How Swedish Standards Are Reflected in Their Clogs

Each of the world’s cultures reflect its beliefs, values and attitudes in their designs. It’s their unique qualities that illustrate how the essence of a populace can shine through the goods they produce, and help advance future progress.

The very root of Scandinavian culture, particularly Swedish, stress the importance of upholding the values and virtues that work. It’s a tradition of individual responsibility that goes back to the time when Sweden was largely a rural, farming-based country with individual tillers.

The historical significance of clogs has been discussed in a previous blog post, relating the emergence of durable, long-lasting footwear created from the materials found on these bygone homesteads. And while the ancient Swedish could never fathom the impact their wooden clogs would have on modern fashion, their early principles proved as sturdy as their clogs’ soles.

In truth, a pair of Swedish clogs is so much more than a mechanical process.

Because here, people are the valuable asset. Their skilled hand forges the inspired shape, but with the intricate details that render each pair completely of-the-moment. Their knowledge of tradition sets a standard for quality and simplicity that the world is starting to pay attention to.

The clogs’ minimalistic shape balances symmetry with gentle curves, with longevity of the product while remaining environmentally responsible. These natural, high quality materials permeate both the tried-and-true, and the emerging designs.

It’s this practical sincerity and down-to-earth approach that inspires the global pull of the Swedish lifestyle. Clean lines and smart silhouettes marry to set the standard, rather than abide by it.

At Sandgrens, these ideals are reflected in the clogs we produce.

Each pair is at once functional and luxurious. They make a statement, but not a fuss; focusing instead on the design’s straightforwardness. It is as much a lifestyle as it is a look.


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