How Pairing Clogs with Tights Can Elevate Your Look

How Pairing Clogs with Tights Can Elevate Your Look

The colder temperatures call for the addition of a pair of tights to not only pull in a warm layer, but to extend certain portions of your wardrobe. Tights can complement your overall look, and the sophistication is further emphasized when worn with a pair of clogs.

A key tip to consider: a pair of tights in a different color can make a bold statement while maintaining a monotone color scheme can elongate your legs. Here, we examine a few outfit ideas that coordinate clogs with tights.

Option #1: A Sleek Dress with Polka Dot Tights

A pair of high rise heel clogs like Sandgrens’ Koltur will elevate the feminine appeal of this look. Consider a neutral color palette so the patterned tights command attention.

Option #2: A Casual Dress with a Pair of Colored Tights and Mary Jane Clogs

Colorful tights increase the playfulness of this relaxed style by adding a fun finishing touch. A pair of Sandgrens’ Mary Jane clogs with tights adds a touch of vintage to the spirit of this outfit.

Option #3: Black Shorts with a Dressy Top, Geometric Tights and Black Clogs

This style is edgy and on trend without being over-the-top. Ideal for attending a friend’s party or informal gathering, you’ll be fashionable without looking overdone. We like the Maya clog in black to achieve this style.

Option #4: A Blouse and a Blazer with a Skirt and Tights that Match

Select one solid color to take center stage, with black being the easiest color to work with. In choosing a black skirt, black tights and a pair of black Maya clogs, you can add a colorful top to finish your look.

Option #5: A Shorts-and-Top Combo, with Tights that Match

Extend the wear of your shorts by pairing them with tights in the same color scheme. This will elongate your legs, especially if you include a pair of Sandgrens’ Victoria clogs with tights in the same tone. Keep your top simple so your look stays balanced and fresh.

The wooden soles on a pair of clogs have a tread pattern that can help prevent slipping on icy surfaces. With these five ideas on how to extend your favorite clogs into winter, which look will you be trying?


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